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TVV Marine Lighting brought to the market environmentally friendly lighting solutions for use on cruise ships and offshore industry.

On the ships general lighting is traditionally provided by fluorescent tube downlights. Fluorescent lights contain mercury. This metal and vapour is extremely hazardous on both humans and environment. LEDs are completely safe and do not contain such poisonous materials.

There are plenty of LED component suppliers on the market, but only few meet regulations on Marine Industry !

TVV Marine Lighting designs and develops own LED products focusing on the marine requirements and needs. Our company is constantly developing energy saving LED lightingfittings that are easy to use on several lighting purposes onboard.

TVV Marine Lighting is following today's standards and needs of the customer. By using modern LED technology connected to smart design, significant energy and economical saving are possible to be reached and last but not least, we can keep our environment cleaner for future cruise generations :)


  • Simo Mäkinen
  • CEO, marine lighting designer, electrical designer
  • +358 440501007
  • Aldona Mäkinen
  • Development, CAD designer
  • +358 400592359
  • Petri Mäkinen
  • Chief engineer electrician, LED lighting sources expert
  • +358 400 821865
  • Heikki Lehtonen
  • Logistics, production processor manager
  • +358 449813125
  • Niko Hirvonen
  • Project manager
  • +358 442302732